Toy Room London : VIP Table and Guestlist

Toy Room is famed for its bizarre and crazy parties using its trademark: Frank that the Teddy. Its layout is made to the greatest standards and has been given as one of the greatest nightclubs on the planet. Do you have to understand more before heading there? Then read our posts regarding Toy Room dressContinue reading “Toy Room London : VIP Table and Guestlist”

Address Cirque le Soir London

We highly recommend arriving early to be able to avoid the long queue. However, you should also think of the age restriction your attitude. Cirque le Soir is London’s most exclusive nightclub and also the very extravagant. Even though it appears to be a customary club, it is not your normal vacation place. Cirque leContinue reading “Address Cirque le Soir London”

London Reign: Table And Guestlist Booking

Reign London‘s founders are the people behind successful London high-end nightclubs like Cirque Le Soir and Drama. Reign is preparing shows on a weekly basis using a nonconformist staff, including extra surprises for its guests. Certainly, here you can discover the most stunning actions to many impressive fire shows. Due to that, Reign Show Club’sContinue reading “London Reign: Table And Guestlist Booking”

Cirque Opening days | Vip Tables London

The Place opens from Monday to Sunday. Cirque comes with an entrance fee of ¬£20. However, men might need to pay . You should consider the nightlife opening times for Cirque le Soir London: Click here to read more about the¬†Opening hours Cirque le Soir and Prices Monday: From 10:30 pm to 3:00 am   Wednesday: FromContinue reading “Cirque Opening days | Vip Tables London”

Cirque le Soir: Bottle Menu, bottle Prices

Cirque le Soir is one glamorous and lavish venue, in which you can observe extraordinary parties and events including acrobats, magicians, fire eaters and exotic dancers and sexy dancers. It’s a luxurious club filled with puzzle, 5 star catering and an excellent Menu Cirque le Soir. The acts include live circus shows using a burlesqueContinue reading “Cirque le Soir: Bottle Menu, bottle Prices”

1 Oak London Nightclub : Table and Guestlist Booking

1 OAK has opened its door in New York, LA, Vegas, Tokyo and Dubai, today it is opening its door first time in Europe at here in London. With the collaboration with UK’s most famous and renowned Cirque le soir’s proprietor Ryan Bish and 1OAK New York’s owner Richie Akiva 1OAK London has been initiated.Continue reading “1 Oak London Nightclub : Table and Guestlist Booking”

Cirque le Soir London: Table Booking and Guestlist Booking

Do you want to combine a really distinctive party, without ordinary rules and eccentric style? Then Cirque le Soir is THE club! From exotic dancers, dauntless acrobats and professional magicians are weekly present to provide one of a kind experience on dwell. It’s not a members’ clubs, but you need a Cirque guestlist or CirqueContinue reading “Cirque le Soir London: Table Booking and Guestlist Booking”

Scandal London: Table And Guestlist Booking+

Scandal London Nightclub started in September 2017 where the former Job club was situated. The nightclub has a capacity of 350 individuals with 25 VIP Tables. The Scandal London club has a private room behind the DJ booth with it’s own sound system and using a metallic display behind the pub. You just have toContinue reading “Scandal London: Table And Guestlist Booking+”

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