Tonteria Table Booking – Tonteria London – VIP Tables London

Tonteria, is unlike any other club you’ve ever been before. The club is from the exact same individual who owns Mahiki and Whisky Mist but the vibe of Tonteria is totally different.
The club is extremely contemporary and follows the sensual vibes. Which is why you will spot drink names on the menu which remind you of the Mexican civilization. Names as’The Lucky Luchador’,’The Mayan Pyramid’ and much more. Join this bar by making Tonteria table booking.

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However, the club is known for its delicious tequila shots and tapas menu which people seem to enjoy. The décor at the club is stunning and gives you a sense of like you’re in another world. Life-size train sets and giant vases and what not are strewn all over the place. Similarly, the potential for only two hundred individuals, the club will be somewhat picky about who they let in. Therefore, this is the reason you have to be certain you either book a VIP table or arrive early. You may learn more about the VIP tables below, so you know what you need to do so as to get one before they are fully booked.

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